Fundraising powered by TWINT & QR code

Combine your analog and digital fundraising with TWINT QR

  • Personalized form in TWINT App
  • QR Code with URL to donation form
  • Live donor data feed in RaiseNow Manager
  • Low dropout rates thanks to user-friendly design

for posters, advertisements, and other printed materials.

What's included:



for personalized printed materials and invoices

  • each donor has an individual QR code for prefilled donation forms
  • suitable for invoices, membership fees, and other application areas

no fixed costs

additional benefits:

User Fee:

- With RaiseNow Free & Flex: 2.5% + 0.25 CHF*

- With RiaseNow Growth**: starts at 0.5%*

- only available with RaiseNow Growth Plan**

- User Fee starts at 0.5%*

on request

* excluding transaction fees (2.5%)

** for more information, please contact us at


Quick and easy smartphone donations from direct mail, at events, or on posters

Donations in just 30 seconds

Scan the QR Code with the TWINT app, select or confirm amount on the donation form, and press submit. Done!

Works anywhere

The TWINT QR Code works anywhere you can print it: in direct mail, at fundraisers, sporting events, on posters, and much more.

Modern donations

TWINT is Switzerland's fastest-growing payment system with over 1,000,000 daily users. With TWINT, it's finally become easy to donate money using only your smartphone.


QR Codes can be created statically or dynamically and work for calls to individual donors as well as to cold-calling campaigns, mailings, events, and posters.

How it works

RaiseNow TWINT QR is easy to use. Generate QR codes, distribute calls to action, collect donations, and more!

All codes are fully functional regardless of which RaiseNow packet you have chosen.

Which code?

The QR code fits seamlessly into your communication materials.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Donations are visible in the RaiseNow Manager and can be transferred into the CRM.

Monitor your campaign

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