for your club

Increase your revenue and fundraising success thanks to fast, easy and cashless collection of membership fees, admissions and other small amounts with RaiseNow TWINT QR.

Generate more revenue and simplify cash collection in three steps.

It’s easy for your organization to use




Register your organization in just a few steps.

Order stickers or generate and print out codes.

Receive cashless payments without fixed fees.

Simple on-site payments

- Payments with no cash or change required

- Competitive pricing

- Secure payments thanks to cashless sales

- Increase turnover from customers with no cash

- Easily request customer data

Ideal for the sale of food and beverages as well as for accepting collections and optional admission fees.

Benefits behind the scenes

- Acquire new members easily without forms

- Save time and effort and reduce costs 

- See a real time overview of your income

- Benefit from TWINT's wide acceptance

- Connect your club’s existing software systems

- Add a tax receipt if you're taking donations

Perfect for collecting membership and subscription fees, accepting payments for sponsored runs, raffles and other fundraising initiatives, as well as encouraging new supporters to contribute.

Pull out your mobile phone, scan the QR Code, confirm the amount, done!

Simple payment with RaiseNow TWINT QR

Most people will always have their mobile phone to hand.

It only takes a few seconds to scan the code and enter the amount.

The successful transfer is visible in real time.

Try it yourself!

Pull out your mobile phone, scan the QR Code and be amazed! In just a few seconds we’ll show you how easy it is to collect money as a club with RaiseNow and TWINT. You can complete the demo by transferring any amount from just 1 Swiss franc, and your payment will be transferred to charity by RaiseNow.

Scan QR Code with

Register and create unlimited TWINT QR Codes according to your needs. No technical knowledge and administrative effort required.

Choose the right option for your organization

- Fixed and variable payment available

- Customisable logo and brand colours 

- Collect data from your buyers 

- A toolkit including stickers and stands

- Payment straight to your club’s account

- browser-based management

TWINT QR Pay plus 

2.5% + 0.25 CHF *

- Fixed and variable payments available

- A toolkit including stickers and stands

- Payment straight to your club’s account

- browser-based management


1.3% + 0.10 CHF *

Is your organisation tax-exempt and charitable? Use the RaiseNow TWINT QR Donate option to automatically and immediately issue donation receipts. Your donors can then deduct the donation from their taxes.

Donation receipts for charitable payments

*per transaction

TWINT has quickly become the preferred option for more than two million people in Switzerland paying expenses like parking fees, cashless shopping, splitting bills or quickly paying friends and family. Now your club can also benefit from the numerous advantages of cashless payment.

About TWINT and RaiseNow

RaiseNow has been the leading provider of cashless payments and donations for clubs, associations and other non-profit organisations since 2015. Over 1000 organisations in Switzerland and Europe count on the expertise and enthusiasm of the RaiseNow team.

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